Description: Semi Automatic Crimping Machine for Tape On Reel Terminals
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AP-F6 (Semi Automatic Crimping Machine for Tape On Reel Terminals)

The AP-F6 is a bench mounted machine suitable for mass production of crimped harnesses, with closed-barrel insulated, and uninsulated Tape-on Reel terminals.
The machine can be operated both manually from a foot switch or by a touch sensor located above the crimping area.
Please note that the Dies are sold separately.
For information referring to the Crimping dies please click on the "Downloads" tab.


  • External Dimensions: 264mm Wide x 415mm Long x 385mm High
  • Weight: 50Kg
  • Power Supply: 220/240V ac Single Phase 50/60Hz
  • Air Pressure: 490 to 690kPa
  • Pressure output: 14.7kN
  • Applicable Terminals: Tape-on solderless terminals (Insulated and non-insulated) with a nominal size of 0.5 to 5.5