Description: Squib Connector
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This connector for air-bag has intelligent CPA, which allows locking the connector, incomplete mating detection and release of short-circuit at the same time.







  • Compact  design

This connector is approximately 13mm(.512") smaller than the SQS connector in total length [31.3mm(1.232") - 18mm(.709")]. This connector can fit in the outer diameter 25mm(.984") or less of an inflator. 

  • Mating

Intelligent CPA adopted. It enables the connector to be locked securely and prevents incomplete mating on the assembly line resulting in improved connector retention force.

  • Terminal construction

It is designed to prevent the deformation of the contact part when processing wire harness by protecting the contact part of each terminal with a box.

  • Scooping (kojiri) preventive construction

Using a shunt ring with a countermeasure for scooping (kojiri). the resistance to scooping (kojiri) insertion and withdrawal is improved.

  • Noise suppression

Ferrite core provides simple and reliable noise suppression characteristics.

  • RoHS Compliant