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CAM-M12B Fully-Automatic Insulation Displacement Machine ID Machines for producing multi-harnesses.
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CAM-M12B (Fully Automatic Insulation Displacement Machine)

The CAM-M12B is a Fully Automatic Insulation Displacement Machine, for manufacturing multi-harnesses using discrete cable.


  • Power Source: 200V AC, 3 Phase, 2.5kVA
  • Air Pressure: 490 to 540 kPa (5 to 5.5kgf/
  • Air Consumption: Approx. 200N litre/minute
  • Installation Dimensions: 5,100 x 3,100 x 1,710mm
  • Weight: Approx. 3,600kg
  • Type of Harness: Multi type Double-ended Harness
  • Length of Harness: 120 to 2,500mm
  • Wire Length Accuracy: +/-1mm
  • Processing Capacity: 500 cycles per hr (based on a 1:3 multi-harness at a length of 500mm)
  • Applicable Connectors: JST'S 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm pitch Insulation displacement connectors

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CAM-M12B Data Sheet