Description: 1mm Pitch Non-ZIF Connector For FFC/FPC
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The FM connector, a miniature connector with a thickness of only 3.0mm (.118"), was developed to connect flexible flat cables (FFC) or flexible printed circuits (FPC) with a lead pitch of 1.0mm (.039") to printed circuit boards. It is ideally suited for connections inside high-density equipment or between mechanical units. The contact is constructed to ensure a stable connection and high reliability even under vibration and impact. Connection is easy with a simple snap-in action.





  • Compact

Having no complicated cam or slide mechanism, this connector is very small with a mounting height of only 4.4mm (.173") and a width of 3.0mm (.118").

  • Double-sided contact

This connector has highly resilient phosphor bronze contacts, each of which has two independent mating spring members that ensure continuity even when subjected to severe vibration. Because each of the contacts simultaneously mates with both sides of the FFC or FPC, the engineer has greater freedom in designing his circuitry.

  • Simple snap-in action

The FFC or FPC are securely connected by simply inserting their leads into the connector.

  • Surface mount model (SMT)

This connector is also available in a surface mount configuration. It's housing is made of heat resistant resin so that it is not adversly affected during reflow soldering.Because of it's tiny size and ability to be surface mounted, this connector meets the demand for high-density mounting of components inside electronic products.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant