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AP-K2N (Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine) Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine
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AP-K2N (Semi-Automatic Crimping Machine)

The AP-K2N is used in conjunction with our JST Standard Applicators, it is easy to operate, and is suitable for mass production of crimped harnesses with chain Terminals.

Model No. AP-K2N

  • External Dimensions: 280mm Wide x 480mm Long x 560mm High
  • Weight 90Kg
  • Power Supply: 220/240V ac Single Phase 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 680VA
  • Crimping Force: 1500Kg
  • Ram Stroke 30mm
  • Ram Speed: 260 Strokes Per Minute (60Hz), and 220 Strokes Per Minute (50Hz)
  • Closed Height: 160mm +/-0.01 at B.D.C.


Important Information 

Please note that this crimping press incorporates a clutch and flywheel and is therefore defined as a power press.This means that the press is subject to The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). 

The adjustment and maintenance of this equipment must only be undertaken by a ‘competent person’ who has attended a PUWER training course. 

Please check the information contained on the following link for details of the PUWER legislation and how it affects the use of this equipment:-


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Additional Information

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