Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions. Below is a list of those questions we are frequently asked. Please consult these before contacting us. Click on a question below to reveal its answer.

Product Support


  • Are RoHS and WEEE just UK Directives?
  • Does JST manufacture and supply products that comply with the RoHS legislation?
  • Does the Directive only refer to lead?
  • Is the legislation global?
  • Under WEEE, what will be removed as part of the recycling process?
  • What are the benefits of the RoHS Directive?
  • What are the substances?
  • What is ELV?
  • What is exempt from RoHS?
  • What is RoHS?
  • What is WEEE?
  • What products are affected by WEEE, RoHS and ELV?
  • What will be required to ensure that your products will withstand the re-flow temperatures (250 ~260oC) associated with lead-free soldering.
  • Where else I can find out information on the RoHS and WEEE directives?
  • Who is affected by WEEE, RoHS and ELV?
  • Why do we need this Directive?
  • Will lead free products be compatible with both new lead-free and current tin-lead soldering processes?

Standards and Certifications


  • Can JST supply hand tools to support their product?
  • I have crimped a terminal on a wire, but I am not sure that it is in conformance with the JST specifications, how can I be sure that it is a good crimp?
  • I need a method to strip my wires before termination, can you help me?
  • I need crimped sample assemblies to make some prototype product, so that I can ensure that the JST components are the correct parts to use for my application.
  • I prefer to rent the crimping equipment, can you please tell me your rental terms?
  • I want a low-cost solution to my crimping requirements, can you help me?
  • If I have a problem with my application tooling, how can JST help me?
  • Is it possible to see a demonstration of JST's application tooling before I buy?
  • My production requirements have increased and I now require a fully automatic machine to meet the demands of my customers. Can JST offer a machine to suit my requirements?
  • On your crimping details you specify crimp heights as a reference value, can you please explain how I can measure the crimp height correctly.
  • The AP-K2 or AP-K2N crimping press will not operate, I have checked the fuse (AP-K2) or thermal trip (AP-K2N) and these are not at fault.
  • The terminals keep pulling off the wire with very little force, what could be the reason for this problem?
  • The terminals keep sticking in the punch on my applicator, can you suggest some things that may cause this problem and how I can rectify the problem?
  • Will your applicators fit into my industry standard crimping press?