PAL CONNECTOR (PA Family Series)

Description: 2mm Pitch Disconnectable Crimp Style (Wire to Wire)
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Secure locking device prevents accidental disconnection. The box contact supplies stable contact performance.

Retainer mountable type is also available.






  • Secure locking device

The housing has a locking device to prevent accidental disconnection because of routing of wires or of vibration, and also reverse and different circuit numbers mating.

  • Interchangeable between crimp and IDC socket

Both crimp and IDC sockets use the same headers and wire-to-wire mating halves.

  • Secondary retainers

Secondary retainers enhance safety in case of partial insertion or accidental release of the contact.

  • Harness variation

PAL. wire-to-wire crimp style connector, increases wire harness variation.

PA Connector (Standard type, Retainer mountable type)

  • Highly reliable contact

The box contact supplies stable contact performance even under conditions of vibration, distortion, low voltage or low current.

  • Insertion guide mechanism

Header has housing insertion guides for easy and secure insertion.

  • Flanged press pin

Top entry type header has flanged press pins, preventing accidental removal of the pins that might result from the distorted unmating especially in the case of small No. of circuits.

PAF connector

  • The industry's first secure lock IDC connectors

By separating ID section and secure lock section, the industry's first secure lock specification has been achieved for IDC that was said to be impossible. Our fully automatic IDC machines, BCD-M5BP (for simple harness) and CAM-M12B, SAD-M12E (for multi harness), can be applied for harness making.

  • Metallic strain relief

Metallic strain relief on the contact securely grips wire insulation that can avoid direct stress of vibration or impact. The same grip strength as insulation barrel of crimp style contact could be achieved.

  • Retainer with four locking points

The new four locking points design ensures wire retention force of every direction that is almost superior to contact retention force of crimp style connectors. It also completely covers exposed terminated ID contact.

PAL connector

  • The industry's first wire-to-wire 2.0mm (.079") pitch retainer mountable type connector.
  • Either with or without panel lock can be selected according to application.


  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR28012

  • RoHS Compliant