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PA CONNECTOR (PA Family Series)

2mm Pitch Disconnectable Crimp Style (Wire to Board)

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JST’s PA Connector is a 2.00mm pitch Wire-to-Board/Wire-to-Wire connector. This robust and versatile product is available with a broad range of features that include TPA (Terminal Position Assurance), Positive-lock and Surface mountability to meet varying industrial requirements.

Initially developed for TV and Audio applications, this connector was the first to include a Secure Lock feature for an IDC connector. This product offers a breadth of flexibility, making it ideal for device areas such as; Telecommunications, Medical, Sensor/Control, Power and Automotive etc..

The PA Connector is available in 2 to 16 circuit variations, with a current rating of 3Amps, 250V AC/DC Voltage and operating temperature range of -25OC to +85OC


  • Medical
  • Sensor and Control
  • Telecommunication
  • Audio
  • Power
  • Automotive

# These are a representation of some of the applications and uses of this product, and is by no means definitive.

Connector variation

Secure locking device

  • The housing has a locking feature that prevents accidental disconnection due to restricted wire routing or high environmental vibration.

Interchangeability between Crimp and IDC Socket

  • Both Crimp and IDC sockets use the same headers and wire-to-wire mating halves.

Secondary Retainer – Terminal Position Assurance (TPA)

  • The Secondary Retainer or TPA feature ensures that the crimped contact has been inserted fully into the housing. It's a feature that aids the production/assembly process where it is not always easy to check that the crimped contact has been inserted correctly into the housing.

PCB Mounting Technology

  • Suitable PCB Headers are available for both Through Hole (THT) and Surface Mount (SMT) application processes.

Highly reliable contact design

  • The contact box design concept, offers a high degree of interface performance under conditions of vibration, distortion, low voltage or low current.

Application Equipment

  • Hand, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic assembly devices are available. See Tooling tab for further details.


  • UL Recognized E60389
  • CSA Certified LR28012

RoHS Compliant

01 - Connection Type: Printed Circuit Board Connectors
02 - Product Type: Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors
03 - Pitch / Style: 2.00mm
04 - Current rating: 3A AC,DC
05 - Voltage rating: 250V AC,DC
06 - Temperature range: -25 to +85 Degrees Celsius
07 - Available number of circuits: 2 to 16
11 - Feature: Secure locking device
13 - PCB Mount Style: Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
13 - PCB Mount Style: Through-hole Technology (THT)

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Additional Information

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1) Catalogue Page 2) Handling Manual 3) 2D Drawing 4) 3D Model 5) Interconnect Combination Diagram
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