Description: 1.5mm Pitch Disconnectable Crimp Style
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Mating with common header for 1.5mm (.059") pitch IDC type CZ connector, these crimping type connectors realize same figure and high density mounting as CZ Family.







  • Housing Lance

The housing lance is adopted and it is easy to insert contact into housing and to confirm, whether contact is completely inserted, by visual inspection.

  • Interchangeability

Header for CZH connector is the common header for 1.5mm (.059") pitch IDC type CZ connector and CZW connector.

  • Miniaturized and low profiled

Assembled height on PCB is 7.3mm (.287") [for single top entry type], 4.4mm (.173") [for single side entry type], and 8.3mm (.327") [for double top entry type]. Also connector pitch is 1.5mm (.059"). Low profile, miniaturization and high density mounting are realized.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant