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EL CONNECTOR 4.5mm Pitch Disconnectable Crimp Style
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The contacts for the compact EL connector can be easily inserted into the connector housings. The plug housing and the receptacle housing can be smoothly mated even if they are mechanically distorted.






  • Easy insertion and secure installation of contacts
Each contact has a pair of locking lances so that the contact can be installed and symmetrically locked in the housing. A lance retraction prevention mechanism is also provided so that the contact will be securely held in the housing. The lances have sufficient clearance to allow the contacts to be easily inserted into the housing.
  • A smooth connection even when pried during mating
The contact is held by the housing along a wide surface area. This reduces the deflection of the contact and ensures a smooth, safe connection even when pried during mating.
  • Durable arm lock mechanism
The arm lock mechanism of the housing is slit to prevent stress concentration during connection. Thus, it is highly durable and will survive repeated matings.
  • Two contact styles
Two different kinds of crimp contacts are available for convenient branching or internal jumpering.
  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

TUV R75052

  • RoHS Compliant

01 - Connection Type: Wire to Wire Connectors
02 - Product Type: Panel Mounted
03 - Pitch / Style: 4.50mm
04 - Current rating: 10A AC,DC
05 - Voltage rating: 300V AC,DC
06 - Temperature range: -25 to +90 Degrees Celsius
07 - Available number of circuits: 2 to 15
11 - Feature: Secure locking device

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Applicators (Industry Standard)

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Industry Standard (Semi Automatic) Applicator for SLF-01T-1.3E and SLM-01T-1.3E