Description: 2.54mm Pitch Disconnectable IDC
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Contemporary needs require that electronic equipment be high in density, modular in construction and multi-functional. In addition, the costs of such connection systems must be reduced. To meet these needs, particularly in the video and audio fields, we offer JST's highly reliable and cost-efficient RX connectors. These connectors reflects displacement connection technology as well as it's advanced production techniques.





  • Conforms to MIL standards

JST's RX connectors conform to MIL standards (MIL-C-83503) and are compatible with it's RA connectors.

  • Secure locking mechanism

The locking levers are engaged by inserting the receptacle into the header. This ensures a firm connection that's highly resistant to impact and vibration. To save space, JST has also made available short locking levers which provides a firm connection even when the receptacle has no strain relief.

  • Cost-efficient

To reduce costs, only the mating sections of the receptacle contacts and header posts are gold-plated. JST's wealth of mass-production technology allows it to produce connectors that are extremely reliable and cost-efficient.

  • Post suited for high-density patterns

The mating section of the header post is 0.64mm (.025") square. The printed circuit board solder section of the post is 0.60mm (.024") in diameter. This small size greatly facilitates high-density design of printed circuit boards.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant